NHL 1st period totals

Year in and year out I always find the NHL being one of the hardest sport to bet on, I never really had good luck when it comes to hockey. OK I know betting doesn’t really have anything to do with luck but when it comes to hockey if I need an empty net goal for an over I’m not getting it, if I’m sitting on an under win if theres no more goals they are getting an empty net and I lose…it’s always been the same. One thing I have noticed on twitter a lot of guys have started betting 1st period overs and they seem to do really well. I have actually been pretty successful at hitting a few here and there lately. It’s fun because you only need to wait like 30 minutes to get the results. Certain teams have insane numbers when it comes to 1st period overs, I don’t have the exact numbers but teams like TB, Chicago and SJ have been killing the overs in the 1st period this year. I’ve noticed that for these team these plays have gotten a little juicy lately like for example TB tonight the over 1.5 is -170 at Bet365…but hey you only pay the juice if you lose right? Definitly something to keep an eye on for the rest of the season.

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