The Big Game

We couldn’t of asked for a better match up in this national championship game. This is the best possible matchup and I can’t wait! Alabama vs Clemson have given us epic games in recent years and this one won’t disappoint. Bama are currently sitting as a -5.5 favourite and I see a lot of good cappers on twitter taking the points on this and some even expecting a Clemson upset. A lot of hype surrounding Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence at only 19 years old he will need to play the game of his life against this Bama defense for the upset to happen. I’m really looking forward to see how he performs on the big stage, some scouts came out today saying he could be one of the best NFL prospects ever to come out of college whenever his college career is over….no pressure kid. I don’t think I’ll be betting this game I’m just gonna sit back and watch it as a fan. Honestly I don’t see Bama losing this game but it could be a close game. Either way it’s a hell of a treat for a monday night game….have a few beers and enjoy the show because you know tomorrow that is what everyone will be talking about.

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