Saturday sports…

This time of the year saturdays has to be the best day in sports. College football might be over but we are getting some saturday NFL action to go along with the NHL, NBA and CBB. In my case with the weekends off makes it even more perfect. I’m a Leafs fan so I’m looking forward the game vs canucks tonight, even though they are down to their 7th string goalie (a little bit of sarcasm) i find it hard to believe they would lose at home to this canucks team who should be without Pettersson tonight. I might actully drop some money on this over because Leafs will score for sure and Vancouver should be able to get minimun 2-3 goals with Hutch in goal for the Leafs. Won’t be touching more than that since I’ll be focused on the NFL games and won’t be paying much attention to hockey tonight besides the Leafs game. I do want to add that its very rare you see TB as a dog which makes me think that the Sharks could be an interesting play tonight. It’s hard to pinpoint CBB games on saturdays since there are like 500 games (more sarcasm) but one that did catch my eye is Iowa St at home vs Kansas….one good play in CBB is always play the unranked fav at home vs the ranked visitors. Another big game tonight is my Raps playing the Bucks, it’s hard to think the Raps could go in Milwaukee and come away with a win with all their injuries but they have suprised me before so hopefully they can keep it close and steal one at the end. I will have to make sure to have good batteries in my TV remote because I have a feeling there will be a lot of channel turning going on tonight. Enjoy the games every one.

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